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Sucioperro - Kilburn The Good Ship - Thursday 17th June 2010

Sucioperro are a band that should be playing at least 500+ venues by now. In fact, that they are not is a travesty showing the true lack of interest most of the public has in the British music scene and seems to prove, sadly, that major label marketing is the only way to really get anywhere if you are an upcoming British act. For those who haven't heard them, Sucioperro are easily comparable (perhaps somewhat unfairly) to their mates Biffy Clyro (who have, with major label backing, abseiled to the arena level). Led by JP 'Dragon' Reid, Sucio deftly combine complex time signatures with sing along choruses all sung in Reid's noticeably Scottish accent. Somewhat heavier than Biffy, often verging into metal territory, and featuring guitar work that is undeniably impressive, Sucio are first and foremost a band that writes songs...and damn good ones. With Fergus 'Goose' Munro and Stewart 'Spider' Chown providing the sort of ballast that someone should've thought of equipping the Titanic with, Sucio are a dense sounding band that write anthems that should be filtering their way into the nation's living rooms. Instead they have to make do with the cosy confines of Kilburn's The Good Ship. A venue that holds around 225 people, at a push I'd imagine - that is if the punters actually want to be able to see the band and not just drink a pint at the bar, this is what truly counts as 'intimate' territory.

The first band backing Sucioperro up tonight are Buick McKane. A Northampton based 3/4 piece (I could only see 3 of them but then I was half watching the France v Mexico game and couldn't see the whole stage), they are similar in sound to the likes of The Xcerts with wholesome anthems that also pack a firm punch. A promising band for sure. Kill Goliath are a little less impressive. Whilst the musical dynamics are fairly interesting, they tend to become a little samey and the vocals aren't particularly endearing. I Am Austin meanwhile are absolutely awe inspiring. Partly because drummer David Mitchell (dressed in a colourful vest, swimming shorts and a hat) batters the fuck out of his kit like a man possessed and partly because they are, thanks to Adam Hughes' beguiling bass parts, undeniably funky. Yet I mean funky in a way that sounds like the world ending in a massive swell of screaming and feedback. To describe than as a mere 'drum n bass' duo would be sacrelige, they are so much more. Go and see them if you get a chance.

As you may have gathered from my praise of them in the first paragraph, i also think that you should also go and see Sucioperro. This is the first chance I've had to see them live (it's their fault, 4 years of choosing bad dates for London gigs) and it's well worth the wait. Sucio are three blokes who clearly love playing their music, Dragon with an especially wide grin throughout their hour long set. They are extremely tight live, and they are a visual act too, watching them is entertaining despite them having nothing in the way of projections to back up their performance. Having opened up with the classic 'Grace And Out Of Me' and run through a set including "possibly the final ever peformances" of 'Random Acts Of Intimacy' and 'Found You Makin' the band don't hold anything back even as their set draws to a close. Indeed, if anything, they work themselves into even more of a sweat as they close with a rousing rendition of 'The Final Confessions Of Mabel Stark'. This all comes via the loveliness of 'The Lonesome Tree' and some kind Jager sharing from Dragon during 'I Have Reached My Life'. At the conclusion of the gig the signs of a great live act are all there (especially fans who have sung along to every word and are now hoarse and sweaty). As they come off the stage, still resplendent in their matching black Pain Agency uniforms, they look like they've had a great time and (even if they are putting this on and secretly hate rock music) everyone in the crowd certainly has.

P.S. Stewart and Fergus seem like great guys off the stage as well, will have to catch the Dragon next time!

Buick McKane - 7/10
Kill Goliath - 6/10
I Am Austin - 8/10
Sucioperro - 10/10

Sucioperro setlist

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